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who am i?

alright, let's try to do this briefly   |   |   +91-869-006-1328

Here's my attempt to not bore you with the years, designations and details.

I believe a human mind is capable of miracles. May it be creation of life or the capability of causing an impact on millions.

I have gotten this far in life owing all my growth, maturity and wisdom to the fiascos, debacles and blunders. I have learnt more from them than I have from the positives.

Happiness is a comfort. It's a luxury that we crave to settle into, it's hardly a teacher.

With this in mind, I have always kept myself starving, not physically (clearly, I'm on the puffy side of things) no. Mentally. Starving to be productive. Starving to make a difference. 

This, is my fight for respect. I may never win this fight, but I'm never giving up.

My journey
June, 1996
Born at Madanapalle, Andhra Pradesh

18 years later...

november, 2014
Created ServeChat - Windows Application
november, 2014
Created TheFlopGuy channel on Youtube
march, 2015
Awarded #BendTheRules YouTube Star by Hewlett-Packard 
February, 2017
Digital Marketing Intern at MCaffeine
June, 2017
Service Implant Intern at
Mercedes-Benz India, Chennai
May, 2018
Founded Nayra, an application for long distance relationships.
(Still work in progress)
november, 2018
Video editor & designer at
Hackference India, Bangalore
Special Skills
Android Studio




Adobe Premiere Pro


Adobe Photoshop


Adobe After Effects






faking my character

03% (Man's gotta live)

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