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As a developer

Here are some developments of mine that I have pushed onto my GitHub... with <3 !

TickTrack - An Android Utility Application

An Android application focusing on minimalist design coupled with Timer, Stopwatch and Counter Features along with Autonomous GDrive Backup Facility

 Android Studio Java • Kotlin • XML

SearchIt - A Java Based Application To Get Restaurant Data

A Java based project that works with a custom-made Trie data structure, to parse through all the json documents with restaurant id of all the restaurants available in India on Zomato, the food delivery/rating app.


Bus Reservation Website

Working with a SQL Database, creating a database of vehicles for seamless booking system website...


Android - Google Sign In API

A sample android application created by me showcasing implementation of Google SignIn API...

 Android Studio • Firebase • XML


A chat application created to enable chat functionality between any device connected to a common server...

 Java • Python • C++

Java Projects

A compilation of over 90 Java projects from the simplest of the intermediate level of what our Indian Education System requires...

• Java

Face Recognizer

Using Python to implement a face recogniser with help of numpy and matrix manipulation to create and refer to a database of faces...

 • Python

Image To Text Converter

Using Python to retrieve text from an image through an Optical Character Recogniser algorithm...

• Python

Face Detector

Using Python to detect human faces using Haarcascade files to determine eyes and face of humans...

• Python

Nayra - Open Source Version

An all-in-one android application for long distance relationships, hosting features like never before...

 Android Studio • Firebase • XML

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